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Medical care, clean water, seeds, forestry, oral histories, advocacy, human rights, land rights for the Akha people.
Its mission is to represent its member's interests and to act as an advocate for the information technology industry in Thailand through its activities.
Bansanfaan is the name of a new childrens home being developed in Chiangmai, Thailand. The home is sponsored by Calvary Community Church of Longview, Washington, Usa, and will operate under the authority of the Abundant Love Foundation of Thailand with licenses from the Thailand…
English Abuot Bcst Online Counter Views Visitor Today 8 8 Yesterday 28 28 All 15,466 5,246 6 July 2001 Bird Conservation Society of Thailand Bcst Objectives: - Nature & Birds Conservation - Building & Supporting our members to love & care nature by introducint them to bird-watching.
The purpose of Childlife is to provide the street children in Mae Sai with a safe refuge, shelter and home, food, health and non-formal education.
Cosnam Shipping Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of COSCO Group , a world leading ocean carrier and headquartered in Shanghai, P.R.of China.
"I will reforest Doi Tung". This was the vow of determination that the Princess Mother made.
The foundation is dedicated to a management system for rehabilitation of captive elephants and habitat preparation to ensure successful long-term sustainability after their return to the wild.
A non-profit organisation earning a wide recognition as the only voice of the industrial community in Thailand in addressing the issues ., Friends of the Asian Elephant.
An organization to help underprivileged children from poor, broken families in Pattaya, Thailand, and the surrounding area.
Includes cultural and historical information about the Karen.
This site is a Cultural Exchange and a Communication Center representing the Karen people.
Website of Korn Dabbaransi, at present a minister in the Thai government. The details portrayed in this site are for everyone in the world who is interested in Thai politics and commerce.
The United Way of Thailand is the fundraising organ of the Council. Its underlying concept, "people help people to create a caring and sharing community."
We have created new analytical packages to meet the new hydrocarbon regulations for CCME.
Lions Club of Phuket Pearl, Thailand, we serve the Phuket community.