6 Advices For Your Honeymoon in Bangkok, Thailand

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So far the best deals you have found are through Agoda.com and you see “5 star” rooms starting at 69$. If you live in the US and any Thailand hotel hunting tips would be helpful. We just want a nice place to recover for a couple days after the 29 hour flight and adjust to the jet lag. Here are some advices you need to know about it!

1- $69 per night is pretty good if it is a genuine 5 star hotel! Just make sure the price you are getting is all inclusive. In Bangkok a lot of advertised hotel prices exclude taxes and fees. Often there will be an additional 17.5% on top of the advertised price. Sometimes it is marked by +++ next to the price. Although usually Agoda lists all inclusive prices.

2 – There are lots of great luxury hotels in Bangkok and often at really great prices. After you have selected one be sure to go to one of the review websites and see what people have to say.

3- Fly into Bangkok. Check into the Peninsula hotel (for an extra $50, they’ll pick you up at the airport in one of their famous green Mercedes). If the Peninsula, at $200 a night, is not frugal-icious enough for you, try the Dream, about $60 a night and still 5-stars.

4- Spend one or two days recovering from the flight, poking around Bangkok, or whatever else occurs to you to do in on your honeymoon. (If you are an adventurous couple, the Bangkok demimonde is quite safe and quite reasonably priced.)

5- Fly down to Krabi, $20 people each way. There, depending on your tastes, you can do luxury resort ($50 a day), hut on the beach ($10 a day), or AirBnB (anything you want). Encourage your new bride to get a massage every day, even twice a day; at $6 an hour, you’ll never pay less.

6- Eat food from street vendors. It’s cheaper, tastier, and cleaner than restaurant food. Avoid hotel restaurants and tourist joints. Look for either local places or cafes run by expats. Don’t buy custom clothing. Do not rent a jet-ski! You will “damage” it for sure and they will extort hundreds of dollars from you for “repairs”.

Choosing the Perfect Darts as a Pro Darter

Players usually go in one of two directions when choosing their first set of darts. Some players pick out a set they think looks cool, while others pick a set similar to the darts of a player they look up to. Both ways are great when you are just starting. As you progress in the game though, there are several factors that you should take into consideration when choosing your perfect set of darts.

When picking up a dart for the first time, most players will hold it just like a pencil. Check for yourself the next time you are throwing. The way you hold the dart is a key factor in finding the right set, so it is important to try holding your dart in a variety of ways before you start shopping. Do you hold your dart towards the front? If so, a front-weighted dart might be your best choice. Do you hold the dart in the back of the barrel? A rear-weighted dart might be best in this case. I hold my dart right in the middle, so I use an evenly weighted dart.

There are many different styles of darts and tons of choices in this area. Some people like their darts to be smooth with little or no knurl. Some like the whole barrel to have a very sharp or rough edge to them. This is a personal preference that you should decide while trying different darts. Your preference may change over years of playing darts. Sometimes changes in your life or career can dictate a change in the texture you like on your dart. As you proceed in your darting life, do not be afraid to try new types or styles of darts.

This is a key area that many people have never really given much thought to. Most shooters only consider darts in the 16-20 gram range. These are the most common weights for sure, but do not limit yourself to this range if it does not feel right. I shot with an 8.8 gram barrel for 20 years and was very successful with them. About two years ago I was not comfortable with how I was throwing and my consistency was off. I tried a 16 gram dart and found myself shooting much better. I have since moved up to my new signature darts that are 18 grams, and I feel like I am playing better than ever. Realize that you can never stop learning and trying new things. You never know what change might make the biggest difference in your game.

This is another important part, as we all know times can be tough sometimes. There are great choices in all levels of darts, but like anything else you get what you pay for. You can get a good set of darts for as little as $35.00, all the way up to signature series darts for $200.00. Many of the lower price darts are not made to the quality standards of the higher price ones.

Make sure you are comfortable with your choices in all of the above areas when deciding which darts to buy. Remember that you will be relying on these darts at the most critical times during the biggest events or leagues in which you’ll be competing. The most important thing to remember is that darts is a game, have fun with it! Good luck and shoot well.

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