Phuket’s Temples – the Tourist Attractions of Thailand

In Phuket (Thailand), the people are very open towards the idea that religion is one of the most important things for a human being. Because of this, the temples built in honour of the different deities worshiped by different people in Thailand, can now rival the number of hotels in Phuket. Other than their religious worth, these temples are also treated as tourist attractions due to their spectacular architectural designs.

There are so many architectural pieces in the area which are surely spectacular. One example is the Wat Mongkol Nimit, a temple flaunting a very impressive design. Located in Thanon Dibuk, tourists visit the place to lay their eyes on the painstakingly beautiful structure. It was designed under the influence of Classical Thai style, beautified by lively colours and glass tiling.

The facade alone is an interesting sight. The shed on the gate flaunts an interesting layered roof as if it is a miniature chedi. The details are meticulously added and gilded to provide a very classic appeal. The main building boasts of a soaring roof, which is usual in Thai temples. But, what sets it apart are the very distinctive details carved on the walls. It also has golden arches adorning its white pillars. Wat Mongkol Nimit splendidly produces a very royal feel. It is indeed beautiful and interesting. Aside from worshippers, photography enthusiasts will surely feast on this attraction as well.

Another temple is Wat Chalong. This is one of the most important, most impressive and largest temples in Phuket. Aside from its religious importance, it contributes to the boosting tourism economy of the province. Wat Chalong is dedicated to two monks, Luang Pho Chaem and Luang Pho Chuang. It displays a typical Lanna architecture similar to the other temples. It has tiered roofs and ornate walls decorated with golden arches and appealing pillars. There are numerous striking features in Wat Chalong. One is the Poh Than Jao Wat, a very significant Buddhist statue located in an old hall in the temple. The statues of the founders are also exhibited and are continuously gaining the attention of tourists.

Another extravagant feature of the temple is the Grand Pagoda, which gives home to a part of Buddha’s bone. The pagoda is definitely a spectacle to see because of its magnificent architecture. Inside, it displays a stunning collection of Buddha images. On its walls, the life of the deity is told through paintings. Wat Chalong is such a beautiful place. Tourists should mandate themselves to pay this attraction a visit since no trip to Phuket will ever be complete without laying eyes on this beautiful masterpiece.

It will be regretted if tourists do not go and visit the temples whilst in Phuket because failing to explore these magnificent architectural masterpieces is like missing a link to understanding Thailand’s culture.