Thailand Accommodation – Budget to 5 Star North to South

Many backpackers will choose South East Asia as one of their starting points and Thailand is a great place to get your trip started. Accommodation in Thailand can be very cheap and on the other extreme 5 star but for backpacking you will find there are great low cost options available. No requirement is needed for advance bookings, at almost any time of the year you will find backpacker accommodation options throughout Thailand.

Thailand is an easy place to get around in and there are so many different forms of transport, boats, buses, trains, planes, taxis and almost everything is at very little cost. Costs are definitely much cheaper than most European countries so it is a great place for the European travelers to visit.

On offer in Thailand are great mixtures of cultures as well as amazing forests and trekking options for the Northern parts and you can not miss out on the beautiful beaches in the South of Thailand.

Most travelers will arrive in Bangkok and from there start their journey around the rest of Thailand. From Bangkok the options are to head north for the forests and trekking or head to the South for the beaches and sunshine style of a summer holiday almost all year around.

There are a multitude of things to do in Bangkok as well and wonderful places to visit. Travel around in Bangkok is also easy with the Skyrail and underground and the tourist areas are filled with local travel options such as the tuk tuk. Accommodation again can be found every where in various price ranges and Bangkok generally costs are a little higher and in some areas standards are a little lower but if you are starting out in Bangkok you will find things will only improve.

The backpacking district in Bangkok is an area called Koh San Road and this is the place where the majority of low cost hostels and hotel rooms will be found. There are nightly markets and the food is not expensive. If you can’t last a few days without the comforts of home you will also find that most large cities, as with Bangkok, will have any number of fast food chain options available to you.

Backpackers will when heading to the South usually visit places such as Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. These are probably more the
party areas especially Koh Phangan which is host to the monthly Full Moon parties. During this period there can be some issues with accommodation but often the parties extend on into the early morning and many sleep on the beach. These areas are on the East Coast and
from here the backpackers will often move on to Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, Phuket and Khao Lak.

You will find that all areas in the South offer great options for learning to dive or diving if you are already qualified, the cheaper areas generally being on the East Coast. Often there are diving packages on offer that will include your accommodation during the period of the course and these are a great favorite to many potential divers and often this is exactly what options they choose for their accommodation in this area.

At every place you are in Thailand whether it is the North or the South you will find that there are cheap and easy ways to get around and the possibility to purchase your accommodations from start to finish. However as a backpacker you should talk with other travelers and get as many recommendations from them for places to stay as they have done the journey already in many cases. However if you do not book any accommodation and just arrive at your destination within Thailand you will find there will be a multitude of people waiting for you to depart from whatever form of transport you have chosen and they will offer you numerous accommodation choices. These will not always be at the best costs but when you first arrive and especially if it is late then as you have had a few days in Thailand decide how much you are willing to pay and if they give you the right price why not take it.

There are a lot of tips and hints to be found about travel and accommodation in Thailand and the use of travel books and forums and blogs comments from others who have already visit are a great source of education for your trip. Get all the information you can before you go and you will find as a backpacker you can have a great holiday at very little cost. In fact you will probably spend most of your money on your drinking!