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High school summer program combining cultural exchange and community service. Teens from around the world experience Thai culture while bringing English to life in upcountry village classrooms.
Khema Siri Memorial School, a private school for girls, was founded on 1 September 1932 inside the palace of Krom Muen Divakaravongsapravati, the ancestor of the "Kasemsri" Royal family Located at 3 Khao Road, on the bank of the Chao Phraya River on the Bangkok side, the school encompassed an area of over 5 rai.
Take a peep at the great new materials put up for you to help you to learn English in your own time and in your own way.
Includes school news, schedule of events, and message boards. Also allows students to check the overall grades by semester. In Thai.
Offering courses and services in English, Mandarin, Japanese, and German.
According to legend, an aged Hawaiian couple lived in Manoa and had to travel far for water. They prayed for a spring. In a dream, they were told to uproot the stump of an old hala tree. Doing as they were told, they uncovered a spring of clear, sweet water, which they named Ka Punahou, the New Spring.
The school is fully accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education, and is approved by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for the children of British Embassy staff residing in Thailand. It is also accredited by WES (OFSTED inspectors).
Get off the beaten track. See the reeal Thailand. Teach English at the local school, take part of the community life, get friends and experieces to last you a lifetime.