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Canned Product


We produce products from coconut : canned coconut milk, pasteurized Coconut milk, canned coconut juice, pasteurized coconut juice, young coconut meat in Syrup and nata de coco etc.
Producer of canned juice that are made from tropical fruit.
Offers metal caps, cans, and sealing machines.
We are committed in giving our consumers high quality, reliable, safe and attractively packaged food products, from canned fruits and vegetables to our latest product line - Thai Recipe.
Located on 224,000 square meters of land at the hub of Thailand's pineapple growing area in the town of Kuiburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, about 290 km (180.2 miles) from Bangkok to the south.
Manufactures and packs canned fruits, fruit juices and vegetables.
We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of canned fruit and vegetable in Thailand. We are able to export all sorts of foodstuff so as to meet our clients' demand.
With more than 80 years experience in seafood business.
Sun Sweet Co., Ltd. is one of the leading providers of fresh fruit & vegetables from the Northern region of Thailand.
Manufacturer and exporter of canned/frozen fruit, vegetable and juice/drinks, canned/frozen seafood, and frozen prepared food.
We are a volume exporter specializing in various kinds of food products : Foodstuffs, Fruits & Vegetables, Canned Foods, Seafoods, Snacks, Candy and Jelly to world wide markets.
Thai Pineapple Canning Industry Corporation Limited or TPC was the pioneer of canned pineapple manufacturer in Thailand since 1967. The factory is located in Pranburi, Prachuab Kirikhan Province, around 250 km. South of Bangkok near the old resort area of Hua Hin.
A medium to large sized, long established and highly reputation of canned foodstuff manufacturer in Thailand under Pigeon Brand.
Primarily, any products manufactured and distributed under the name of UFC were mainly based on the vegetable and fruit processing into the canned, bottled, glass-jar, frozen and fresh products.
The company has outlined a strong commitment to the production of quality canned tropical fruits and pineapple with the annual export volume of 5-6 million cases and thus ranking among the biggest food processors in Thailand.